Learning Pods Foundation

Our Mission

At this critical time in History, we strive to improve educational opportunities for communities across Canada to ensure that all Canadians can make better choices for their families and themselves. We provide parents and educators with the supports they need to have access to better more fulfilling education.

About Us

We are passionate about grassroots community led education that enables communites to teach to their core values. We do not care for politics in education and aim to provide children with quality education that will empower them for their future. 

We envision an education system where parents and educators have more say, less red tape and brighter, happier, better served children who can maximize their potential. 

Why Choose Us

Learning Pods was founded in 2020 as a response to the global pandemic. Realizing leadership was failing our children and falling short at every turn, concerned parents and educators flocked to learn about Learning Pods and join our cause. No matter what the political climate appears to be, we understand that education has become more about politics than our children. We are the only organization that has emerged to actually DO something to solve problems.  Your contributions help us better serve Canadian families and do more work in communities that actually meets their children’s needs. 

Join the Organization that's changing the world.

Ever look around at the world and feel concerned? You want to do something but you don’t know what and you worry about the world we will leave behind to the next generation… With Learning Pods there are myriad ways to finally make a difference and have an impact! Do not stand idly by and do nothing! Join us in our cause and support our mission. Be on the right side of History with us! We cannot wait to have you! 

Pioneering a better future for all children!

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