About Learning Pods Canada

Founded in 2020 by Rachel Danzinger, Learning Pods provides easy alternative education options for families and teachers. Rachel firmly believes that pod learning is a transformational practice that many families should be able to reap its benefits.

What does Learning Pods mean to you?

Why Learning Pods?

Social, emotional, physical environment

The learning pod model, allows families and facilitators to design a learning environment best suited to the children’s social, emotional and physical development and well-being. 

Unmatched stability for children

When you have a learning pod, the instability of covid is alleviated. Children have peers to learn, play and grow with throughout the year, no matter what circumstances arise with schools. Never again will our children need to isolate for months and months on end.

Unparalleled by traditional schooling

Studies show that children who homeschool are at least one grade point average ahead of their peers. Families and facilitators podding have all claimed improvements in their children’s advancements and love for learning

Getting started is easy

Joining the community that will change your life is only a couple clicks away